‘Yellowstone’ Recap: Jamie’s Life Changes Forever After A Shocking Reveal

Jamie finally learns the truth about who is responsible for the Dutton attacks, but he’s left speechless when he gets a blast from the past during the November 28 episode of ‘Yellowstone.’
Now that Kayce, Monica, and Tate are gone, John is all alone in his massive house. He retreats back to his old room and comes upon Beth reading and drinking. The father and daughter end up having a heart-to-heart.
Kevin CostnerKevin Costner as John Dutton. (Paramount Network)
“I sure hope you outlive me, Beth, because I’m not sure I could tolerate the world without you in it,” John tells his daughter. Beth responds, “Worry not, daddy. Only the good die young.”
Tate Begins To Recover
Over on the reservation, Monica thanks Kayce for bringing her there. “I feel better already in my soul,” she tells him. For Kayce, that’s all that matters to him. Rainwater is helping Tate with his PTSD after the attack.
Rainwater tells Monica that Tate feels guilt over something he should be praised for doing. Rainwater stresses that Tate won’t think of himself as a killer when he’s done with him. Tate will think of himself as a warrior. Rainwater reminds Monica that she’s a warrior, too. Later, it’s clear that Tate is doing much better. Monica begins looking at houses close to the reservation.
Kelsey AsbilleKelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton on ‘Yellowstone.’ (Paramount Network)
After his talk with Kayce, Jamie does call the prison ward about Riggins. Following his discovery that Riggins and his biological father were former inmates together, Jamie decides to offer Riggins immunity if he spills the truth about the attack on the Dutton family.
Things are still tense between Lloyd and Rip.
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