Woman fires gun at her vagina in cam show crotch shot gone horribly wrong – New York Post

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This probably wasn’t the kind of money shot she was banking on.
Georgia webcam model Lauren Hunter Daman, 27, redefined “crotch shot” after discharging a firearm into her vagina during an alleged sex stunt gone awry.
“The female had shot herself in the vagina accidentally,” paramedic Brittany Rivers reportedly told responding police officers of the incident, which reportedly occurred on the morning of Nov. 9 at a residence in Thomaston, per a report by the Upson County Sheriff, the Smoking Gun reported.
Later interviews with witnesses revealed that the sex pistol-turned-gunshot victim was apparently alone in her bedroom when the weapon — a 9mm handgun — went off.
Officers were first alerted to firearm fiasco after receiving an “accidental gunshot wound” call from the residence, according to the police report. Upon arriving at the scene, a sheriff’s deputy encountered EMS Rivers, who was holding the unloaded handgun and a spent bullet casing in her hands.
She told the officer that Daman had blasted herself in the netherregions.
Police then conducted interviews with Daman’s three housemates, two of whom were present during the accident, to try and shed light on the alleged boudoir backfire.
Jordan Allen, the reported owner of the firearm, told officers that he was “in the kitchen walking back to the bedroom when he heard the gun go off.” Upon reaching the bedroom, Allen discovered Daman with “a small amount of blood” on her leg, at which point she reportedly informed him “that she shot herself accidentally” and apologized.
Meanwhile, a second witness named Cody Starnes told deputies that his mother Addie Ruth Johnson came into his bedroom and reported that “Daman had been shot.”
Allen revealed to officers how her inadvertent vagino-blasty allegedly transpired.
Per the report, Allen said “Daman has ‘subscribers’ on a sexual web platform called ‘Chatter’ where people pay to see her make sexual videos.” He believes “she was recording” one of said kinky clips “when the gun went off.”
However, it appears that “Chatter” is actually Chaturbate, a popular adult site where viewers pay webcam models tips in exchange for fulfilling their sexual fantasies on camera. Although it’s yet unclear whether Daman was broadcasting at the time of the mishap, or if the clip was slated to appear on the porn platform.
Immediately after the accident, Daman was rushed to the Upson County Sheriff’s Office, where a helicopter flew her to a Macon hospital. She was discharged this week.
Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore told the Smoking Gun that the freak accident, which his department classified said the “reckless conduct” in their report, will likely not result in criminal charges.
However, according to Kilgore, Daman provided multiple conflicting accounts of the shooting to police — at one point claiming that the weapon discharged during consensual sex with Allen.
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