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Actress Brett Butler, most notable for the ABC sitcom Grace Under Fire, is reaching out for help in the midst of financial difficulty. Longtime friend Lon Strickler has now set up a Go Fund Me page for the star.
Butler has also opened up about past substance abuse and addiction issues.
After her fame on Grace Under Fire, you’d think that Butler would be bathing in cash – after all, it’s reported that the actress took home a hefty $250,000 per episode.
Now, however, it seems as though Brett Butler has fallen from sitcom success since the mid-90s and is in the midst of financial hardship.
The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Butler felt that she needed to reach out for help after realising that she had fallen six months behind on rent. The former sitcom star then reached out to her longtime friend, Lon Strickler.
Strickler suggested that Butler should reach out to the public for help via a crowdfunding campaign – more specifically, a GoFundMe page.
In talks with THR, Butler said: “He talked me into it.
“The way he put it was, ‘You can’t live your life based on being afraid of what haters will do.’
“I’m not the only one in this boat. Most people that are in it never had the opportunities that I did. It doesn’t really lessen my self-loathing or fear about it but I do realize that.”
The actress also spoke about her past addiction, disclosing: “At the bloody bitter end [of the sitcom], I really was difficult. I was out of my mind. Drugs will do that to you. The show should have been pulled sooner than it was.”
It’s always a risk with crowdfunding campaigns – many people worry if the page is legitimate or even affiliated with the person facing hardship at all!
However, it seems as though Lon Strickler’s page is legitimate, and at the time of publishing, has surpassed the $20,000 goal!
You can donate to the page here.
Strickler writes: “Friends and loved ones are reaching out and asking for fans of actress Brett Butler to help her through her time of need. We all love and know Brett from her TV series, Grace Under Fire, as Grace Kelly, and her many TV and stage appearances. But like many others, this past year has put her in a critical situation and desperation has set in. I’m not exaggerating using those words. It is urgent. Brett has exhausted all of her resources and the stress of looming eviction is straining her mentally and physically.”
He later ends the plea with: “Brett has many fans all over the world. I am praying hearts will open and you will give what you can. She has made millions of people laugh over the years. It’s time to give back to her for her gift of laughter to all of us.”
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