Toyota Offers Adorable Little Plushy Called Issho With GR Models In Britain – CarScoops

Although there are many reasons to buy a new Toyota GR Supra or GR Yaris, the most adorable will certainly be the little plushy you get with your new car in the U.K.

GR Issho is a little mascot and companion that Toyota has created to join buyers of GR and GR Sport models on their adventures. The word Issho means “together” in Japanese and the stuffed toy is designed to fit into your car’s cupholder or on the passenger seat.
Buyers will receive the GR Issho in a presentation box as part of the handover process when they get their new car along with a leaflet containing information about Toyota’s motorsports history and the evolution of its sports cars.
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The plushy is offered with GR and GR Sport models, meaning that everyone who buys a Supra or GR Yaris will get one, as will buyers of the CH-R GR Sport and the Corolla GR Sport.
While you’re no doubt familiar with the first two, the CH-R and Corolla GR Sport add some of the GR line’s aesthetics as well as some performance modifications. The CH-R GR Sport, for instance, comes with retuned suspension and sharper steering, but still some concessions to comfort. The Corolla GR Sport hatchback, meanwhile, adds a redesigned bumper, honeycomb mesh front grille, black bodywork, and 18-inch black alloy wheels.
Buyers who receive their Issho are encouraged to share photos and stories of their adventures together by tagging the Toyota UK social media pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
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