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India is known for its rich cultural heritage and Indian women are known for being one of the most alluring people on the planet. The fashion industry of the country is also very well connected. The last two decades have witnessed a rising trend for female models from India to walk international ramps and debut as showstoppers.
Everybody knows the celebrities who have successfully transitioned to films but some supermodels have remained in the field despite receiving lucrative offers from Bollywood. In the following lines, we will introduce you to some of the biggest names of the Indian fashion industry.

She shot to limelight in 2002 when she became the first Indian to win the Miss Tourism International and has been a regular on the covers of fashion magazines since then.
Born and brought up in Mumbai, she also holds a Master’s degree in Economics. Along with focusing on her modeling career, she also has aspirations of becoming an animator. Although she is quite vested in her career as of now, pursuing animation is also high on her list.

Having started her career in 1996 when she won the Femina Fresh Look of the year, she dived straight into modeling. Now 40, she is the most successful Indian model overseas. From Hugo Boss to Gucci to Victoria’s Secret, she has done shows for them all.

Nina Manuel has been at the forefront of the Indian fashion industry for more than a decade. Apart from making her name as a model, she has also won accolades as a presenter. Presently, she is working on expanding her horizons, indulging in design, fashion and events, and shuffling between Mumbai and New York.

Today, at 38 years of age, not only is she one of the most recognized faces of the Indian fashion industry but is also an actor, an anchor, and a reality show enthusiast. Presently, she has taken on the role of a mentor and trains Femina Miss India and Miss India Universe pageants.
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CEOWORLD magazineTop StoriesC-Suite LifestyleTop Female Models in India You Must Know
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