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This week, Amazon sent out a notice to several Kindle users who still have a few older Kindle models linked to their accounts. As per the notice, select models will lose access to the Kindle Store starting August 17, preventing users from browsing, purchasing, or borrowing books using the older devices. That might seem like the end of the road for those rocking one of the EoL e-readers, but there’s still some hope. Read on to learn which models are losing support for the Kindle Store and how you can still get new books on them after the August deadline.
Amazon is dropping support for the following Kindle e-readers starting August 17:
If you own any of the Kindle models mentioned above, you won’t be able to browse, purchase, or borrow books from the Kindle Store starting August 17. However, according to Good e-Reader, you should still be able to access existing books and have new ones delivered to these models from Amazon’s website.
This is the first time Amazon is completely cutting off store access for older Kindle models. Sadly, the company has not provided a reason for this change. The announcement comes just weeks after Amazon announced ePub support for its modern lineup of Kindle e-readers.
Do you own any of the aforementioned Kindle models? What do you plan on doing after August 17? Will you purchase a new Kindle, or will you stick with your old faithful e-reader and purchase books from Amazon’s website? We highly recommend the new Kindle with a built-in front light, if it’s the former. The ad-supported version will only set you back $89.99, which is nothing short of a bargain. For those who don’t like its tiny 6-inch display, we recommend the brand new Kindle Paperwhite. It brings a larger 6.8-inch display to the table for a small premium of just $50.
Via: Good e-Reader
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