Renault introduces 19-tonne electric truck –

Renault Trucks is expanding its range of all-electric truck models with a 19-tonne variant of the D Wide Z.E. Series production is now starting at the plant in Blainville-sur-Orne in Normandy, France.
The Renault Trucks plant in Normandy has already been producing the D Z.E. (16-tonne) and D Wide Z.E. (26-tonne) since March 2020. New battery options for both trucks have also been offered since the end of 2020.
Now another variant is being added: the 19-tonne truck has been given improved manoeuvrability, for which it is equipped with a two-axle chassis. Renault Trucks says it is the “ideal vehicle for temperature-controlled distribution transport with optimal payload”. Like the D Wide Z.E. (26-tonne), the new 10-tonne variant is also powered by two electric motors with a total output of 370 kW (continuous output of 260 kW). The maximum torque of the motors is 850 Nm. There is a choice of two battery variants, 200 kWh and 265 kWh. Renault Trucks gives ranges of 100 km for refuse collection and up to 180 km for distribution transport.
Renault Trucks has also developed a new system to increase the energy efficiency of the all-electric trucks with refrigerated bodywork. As a result, the three variants (16-, 19- and 26-tonne) are available with a refrigerator connection that supplies the energy needed for the cooling system directly from the 600 V traction batteries.
The French company has also made some changes in the truck’s wheelbases. Renault Trucks now offers wheelbases from 4,400 mm to 5,300 m for the D (16-tonne) and from 3,900 to 6,800 mm for the D Wide Z.E. (19- and 26-tonne).
Renault Trucks only just launched the last electric truck variant in July when the manufacturer started marketing the D Wide Z.E. Low Entry Cab, developed specifically for refuse transport. The electric refuse truck can already be ordered throughout Europe. The orders were quick to come in – after Paris, Lyon and Barcelona, Florence will now also carry out its household waste collection with an electric truck from Renault Trucks.
Renault Trucks electric trucks out and about in Switzerland: the Swiss brewery and drinks retailer Feldschlösschen has put 20 Renault D Wide Z.E. heavy-duty e-trucks into service, making it the largest electric truck fleet in the country. The brewery ordered the 26-tonne trucks from Renault Trucks last year.

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