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Rachel Dolezal is set to start her OF account on September 1, 2021. The 43-year-old recently took to Instagram to announce the launch of her page on the content subscription platform:
“I got approved! …LINK IN BIO! ~ My OnlyFans content launches September 1! Swipe to see what my content plan is… A little something for (almost) everyone. Looking forward to bringing you some great content!”
The infamous American transracial woman mentioned that her page would primarily consist of fitness routines, hair and makeup tutorials, and her artwork. She has also decided to post foot pics and other “random tasteful” pictures on her account.
A post shared by Rachel Dolezal (@racheladolezal)
Rachel Dolezal’s announcement came a day before OF announced that the company would ban all sexually explicit content from the site.
Founded in November 2016, OF is popularly known for its adult content. However, the UK-based company has decided to change its format by banning all X-rated photos and videos worldwide. The content subscription service mentioned that the move was decided to “ensure long-term sustainability of the platform.”
Meanwhile, the company has also launched a free streaming service to allow creators to continue their work without including any sexually explicit material. OFTV will reportedly feature content on health, fitness, music, comedy, and cooking, among others.
Following the launch of Rachel Dolezal’s OF account, netizens took to social media to share their reactions to the announcement. Several users trolled the former college instructor in response to her new venture.
Rachel Dolezal came under the spotlight in 2015 after claiming she was a transracial African-American woman despite being white. She previously served as an activist and an instructor in Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University.
She was also the President of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Dolezal landed in hot waters after her white parents revealed her actual racial identity to the public.
A post shared by Rachel Dolezal (@racheladolezal)
Police investigations proved that Dolezal faked her racial identity throughout her professional career. In 2015, she agreed to be white but claimed she identified as African-American.
Her action garnered mass attention, and she earned severe criticism from people around the world. Rachel Dolezal was termed as a “race faker” and stripped off her position as NAACP President. She also reportedly lost her college instructor job as a consequence of her behavior.
The former activist has recently faced severe trolling on social media after launching her OF account just a day before the ban. Social media users flocked to Twitter to respond to her announcement with a barrage of hilarious reactions:
Rachel Dolezal: Hey y’all I’m on OnlyFans selling feet pics.
waaaitttt rachel dolezal made an onlyfans?????
so rachel dolezal joined onlyfans and onlyfans were immediately like “LMAO NO”
Rachel Dolezal made an onlyfans and they said nah we’re done now
Rachel Dolezal has an Onlyfans…
Onlyfans when Rachel Dolezal joined the site
Rachel Dolezal joined OnlyFans and they pulled the plug on the whole operation that’s crazy
Rachel Dolezal started an OnlyFans???
rachel dolezal has an onlyfans. i cant do this anymore
I’m so Rachel Dolezal got an onlyfans and the next day they said no more adult content?
It’s been twenty minutes since I learned Rachel Dolezal has an Only Fans and I’m still not sure I’ll have the appetite back in time for lunch.
Rachel Dolezal: I’m posting feet pics at OnlyFans

Rachel dolezal joined onlyfans and they immediately gave up
Rachel Dolezal: *Opens an @OnlyFans account*@OnlyFans: 👇👇👇
Can’t believe Rachel Dolezal shut down OnlyFans 😠
As the reactions come in thick and fast, it remains to be seen if Rachel Dolezal will react to the initial reception of her OF venture in the days to come.
Meanwhile, the worldwide ban of adult content on OF is set to take place on October 1, 2021.
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