Networking can boost business for female entrepreneurs – Cayman Compass

Networking can be a key strategy in navigating the business world, particularly for female entrepreneurs.
As women face a unique set of challenges in business as opposed to their male counterparts, networking can provide connections with others facing similar struggles. It can also open the door to resources they might otherwise find difficult to acquire.
“Women bring a different set of perspectives to problem-solving and bring a unique set of issues and experiences that can help in decision-making,” says McLean-Sawney.
“We feel if networking is done right, it lets women identify role models, find mentors and sponsors, barter for services and expand our business opportunities.”
She recommends tapping into networking opportunities with such groups as the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, CISBA and the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Grand Cayman.
“At CISBA we have a very active WhatsApp group, and we believe that networking is for building business,” she says. “It’s great to socialise in different networks, but we encourage networking with a purpose to scale businesses upwards.”
McLean-Sawney says volunteering is another avenue for networking, allowing participants to gain new skills or hone existing ones. It not only gives individuals hands-on experience but introduces them to new groups and new contacts.
“I am huge proponent of volunteering in charitable organisations that align with your personal objectives and goals,” she says.
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