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Some key members of Mass Effect’s development would love to help out on the show.
A potential Mass Effect TV show from Amazon excited not only fans of the BioWare franchise, but the creators of the original trilogy as well — including writer Drew Karpyshyn and composer Sam Hulick.
The original crew reacted to the news on socials. First of whom was Drew Karpyshyn, the lead writer for the first game and the sequel, as well as the author of all three Mass Effect novels.
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According to the writer, he is "happy to consult" the team behind the potential TV series if they ever want his input. Karpyshyn clarified he's currently "not involved" in the production in any capacity, but is looking forward to the show.
Karpyshyn is a very respected figure among the community, as he was the loremaster for the first two games. He has his vision for how the trilogy should end, but for several reasons, BioWare declined his ideas revolving around the "Dark Energy" subplot for Mass Effect 3.
Composer Sam Hulick, who worked on the Mass Effect trilogy soundtrack, also reacted to the report, expressing his desire to join the production. "I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring on this one," Hulick wrote on Twitter. The composer said he is even willing to call on colleagues who have previously worked with him. Replying in the thread, Hulick hinted he doesn't have "the luxury or the physical space for a dozen hardware synths," which will be necessary for a proper score.
Hulick's most famous tracks include star-map music "Uncharted Worlds", themes for Jack, Legion, Jacob, and "An End, Once And For All" from Mass Effect 3's finale. The composer is one of the many who worked on the trilogy score alongside Jack Wall, Richard Jacques, Clint Mansell, Christopher Lennertz, and many others.
Of course, it's too early to discuss the potential Mass Effect adaptation just yet, as we know only about the Amazon deal with EA. Perhaps the company is indeed willing to cooperate with the original creators like Karpyshyn and Hulick to satisfy the fanbase — we'll find out soon enough.
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