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Joe Exotic‘s estranged husband Dillon Passage seems to know a thing or two about stealing thunders!
As you might know, the highly-anticipated sequel to “Tiger King,” “Tiger King 2” was released today on Netflix.
And while the new installment has been trending online due to viewers’ thoughts and reactions, Passage thought it was the right time to share exciting news with fans, somewhat taking the spotlight from his ex.
Hours ago, as “Tiger King 2” was making waves on the internet, Passage took to his Instagram to share that he had finally launched his OnlyFans account.
Making quite the statement with his conveniently timed post, Passage uploaded a thirst trap that showed his killer bod. He posed shirtless for a selfie, framing his head out of the picture.
An elaborate peacock tattoo drawing sprawled across his chest, teasing fans about what to expect from his OnlyFans account. The accompanying caption read:
Alright guys I’ve finally launched my OnlyFans. It’s free to subscribe! I’ll be making more posts often so come check it out 😆😏
The comments section was soon flooded with remarks from thrilled fans. One user wrote, “ok hottie” while another gushed, “I’m down so bad for this man. Sooo sexy.”
The comments evidently showed that fans were eagerly waiting for something juicy from Exotic’s ex.
” Tiger King 2″ is the sequel to the 2020 installment focused on Exotic’s controversial feud with his rival Carole Baskin.
However, the second season is taking a different approach, this time focusing on Exotic’s prison sentence and the disappearance of Baskin’s first husband, Don Lewis.
The sequel has only five episodes and starts with Exotic asking former president Donald Trump for a pardon.
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So far, fans’ reactions to the sequel have been mixed. Some viewers enjoyed the new angle, with one fan writing, “10 minutes in and Tiger King 2 already has me laughing.”
Another user revealed, “I thought Tiger King 1 was crazy but Tiger King 2 definitely shocked me.”
However, not all fans are in love with the sequel. Some complained about how the cast and described the documentary as “cringe.”
Exotic and Dillon tied the knot in December 2017. Their wedding came two months after The Tiger King’s first husband, Travis Maldonado, passed away.
Despite their relationship raising eyebrows, the former couple thrived. At least that was until “Tiger King” premiered.
Following the success of the documentary and the exposure of Exotic’s harmful practices, things went out of hand when he orchestrated a murder-for-hire for Baskin.
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His plan was foiled, and Exotic was arrested and sentenced to 22 years in prison for numerous charges. However, the convicted felon has since maintained his innocence and even turned to celebs like Cardi B to come to his aid.
Currently, Exotic is battling an aggressive form of prostate cancer and seeking early release.
Passage was by his husband’s side following his sentence, but their relationship took a turn in March 2021 when Exotic announced that Passage wanted to leave him.
The bartender confirmed the news, saying he was asking for a divorce.  Although the pair have put their divorce proceedings on hold due to the uniqueness of their relationship, things have been sour between them.
Passage has also found a new love. He introduced his new boyfriend named John to his fans in July.
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