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Henry Ford wanted to make the Model T universal and easy to operate. It all began with the 1908 Ford Model T.
We know the most famous Ford vehicle by many names, including the tin Lizzie, Leaping Lena, jitney, and flivver. All of these came to mark the enormous popularity of the Ford Model T, a mass-produced car for middle-class Americans. Those who are not that familiar with the history of the Ford may wonder what made this particular car so great. Well, it was the low price and availability.
The Ford Model T remained in production from 1908 to 1927, nearly 20 years in total. The iconic American brand achieved 15 million sales, scoring at the top of the most-sold-cars list in history. Although it was surpassed by the Volkswagen Beetle and other vehicles later on, the Ford Model T remains pretty high on a gearhead's list of most iconic cars even today.
The good thing about these facts is that you can find at least one Ford Model T available for sale most of the time, albeit, for 1908 in particular, it's a bit of a different story. Today, we reveal how much the 1908 Ford Model T costs for those who may want to add it to the classic car collection or as a one-off classic.
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Henry Ford wanted to make the Model T universal and easy to operate. He worked on the prototypes for years before he came to the letter T in alphabetical order. The Model T was the overall achievement of Ford's attempts to make an efficient and durable car at a reasonable price for all drivers out there.
It is well known that Henry Ford loved to test all his innovations and inventions. Things were no different with the Model T. As soon as the vehicle left the production line, Henry Ford was first to test it. The rest is history.
The Model T had a steering wheel on the left side for easy access. It was one of the first models to make the engine block and the crankcase a single unit and feature a removable cylinder head. The body was also made lightweight, and the transmission improved to support easy shifting. To sum things up, Henry Ford designed the Model T for urban living and found its audience pretty quickly.
The Model T initially cost about $825 (around $24,000 today). The production time dictated the steep price. Although Ford was going for mass production, a lot of work had to be manual at the beginning. When Henry Ford included machinery and automated production more, the time necessary for the Model T to be made decreased significantly. The vehicle finally reached an outstanding $260 price tag.
We already mentioned 15 million of these Fords were produced in total from 1908 through to 1927. The secret to such high numbers lies in the assembly-line production. Ford moved past individual and hand-crafting production on its path to the mass market. Considering all of this, it's no wonder why the Ford Model T was named Ford Model T the most influential car of the 20th century.
Naturally, all the first Ford Model Ts from 1908 are now in museums. You won't be able to find one from that year, but there's plenty of older models available. Considering the Ford Model T came in many configurations over the years, you can search upon your preference. There are sedans, sportsters, pickup trucks, and more. Every one of them will come with a different price tag.
The very base model of the Ford Model T usually ranges around $20,000. The total price will depend on the overall condition, of course. The better the model preserved, the higher the cost. Nevertheless, thanks to mass production, most of the available models are very affordable. Ford Model T fans should only closely inspect the vehicle before the purchase, making sure the desired model is still in good condition.
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Before you head to the action, bear in mind that not all Ford Model Ts are black. Although Henry Ford did say something about his preferable car color being black, vehicles that left the factory before and after 1914-1925 are available in different colors. If you want your Model T in any particular color, keep this in mind when shopping.
Also, did you know the first Ford Model Ts had only a manual crank for powering up the engine? If you're looking for a model with an electric start, we advise you to look for the ones made after 1918.
Last but not least, the Ford Model T has no gauges. You'll have to jump out and under the hood every time you need to check something. To truly understand the vehicle you're going to auction for, it's best to perform a detailed check of each model before the purchase itself. There could be quite a few contrasts between the models produced in different years.
The auto world hosts some deadly creatures that neither die nor lighten up.
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