Diana, The Musical Star Claps Back After Show Is Called “Disrespectful” to Princess Diana

Why Princess Diana’s Close Friend QUIT “The Crown”
From Kristen Stewart in Spencer to Emma Corrin and Elizabeth DeBicki in The Crown, numerous stars have impersonated the legendary Princess Diana.
But one of the latest attempts has got fans all riled up, with some social media users calling the new Diana, The Musical “tacky” and even “disrespectful” to the late royal. Following its Broadway premiere, the star defended the controversial show against recent criticism. 
“I’m intrigued why people think it’s great to make a really serious film about her, but really bad to make a light-hearted musical,” actress Jeanna de Waal, who plays Princess Diana, told Variety in a story published on Friday, Nov. 19. The outlet notes that the musical has been called a “sensational flop which abuses a tabloid telling of Diana’s life for a few laughs and a cheap song.” 
Seemingly referring to Spencer, Jeanna reflected, “They’re both produced privately for profit, and they’re both entertainment. So, why is one fine and the other isn’t?” 
She added, “The audiences who come to see our show, who wear tiaras and boo at Charles, are just as deserving of their entertainment as someone who wants to go to the movies and weep.”
“It’s literally the point to be exaggerative,” Jeanna went on. “It’s a musical, and by all accounts Diana was the most fun, most silly, most rebellious, most spontaneous person. And I genuinely think she’d enjoy it.” 
Matthew Murphy
The actress, who has also starred in Kinky Boots, expressed that she likes the tone of the musical. “I love that our show doesn’t take itself seriously.
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