Bella Thorne Wrongly Becomes Target of Blame After OnlyFans Decision to Remove Explicit Adult Content –

By Stephen Andrew
OnlyFans recently announced its decision to remove explicit adult content from its site, and actress Bella Thorne has become the target of blame — albeit wrongly — from many frustrated social media users. On Thursday, the content creation site revealed that it will ban pornographic content beginning in October but will still allow nude images that are not sexually explicit. The site has been popular with sex workers, who have used it to sell content to subscribers safely.
“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines,” OnlyFans said in a statement published by Bloomberg. Thorne previously became a hot topic surrounding the site after she started an OnlyFans and drew massive revenue while not posting any nude or sexual content.
Soon after, OnlyFans changed their tipping system, a move that was not done directly because of Thorne. Due to the proximity of the changes, many wrongly assumed the former Disney Channel star was to blame. Now that OnlyFans has confirmed it will be cracking down on sexually explicit content, many have taken to social media yet again to blame Thorne, despite there really being no direct correlation between her account and the company’s decision.
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almost a year ago, I wrote about OnlyFans and the worry among sex workers that they would eventually be pushed off the platform
“[I don’t care] if it’s valid or not but I blame every OnlyFans problem on Bella Thorne,” one person tweeted.
An update to @erinisaway’s 2020 story: Yesterday, OnlyFans announced that it will begin banning sexually explicit videos from its platform.
[I don’t know] how but this OnlyFans news is Bella Thorne‘s fault,” someone else added.
Bella Thorne taking only fans down single handedly
“OnlyFans banning sexually explicit content is Bella Thorne‘s fault,” another person tweeted. “I don’t know how but I KNOW that stunt she pulled on there resulted in this.”
Don’t worry OnlyFans subscribers, you can still pay hundreds per month to watch Bella Thorne struggle to eat a hot dog
“Hey where’s Bella Thorne in all this OnlyFans drama? I thought she wanted to be the big celebrity to help remove the stigma behind sex work?” a Twitter user asked. “OH that’s right she only cares when she’s making the $$ and doesn’t have to worry about actual SWers lives and income.”
How the timeline looking at Bella Thorne after the Only Fans news today
“I cant believe I have to clarify this but I am not saying Bella Thorne is literally responsible for OnlyFans changing its policies,” one person explained. “I’m saying that after the fiasco of her joining OnlyFans, a lot of very smart people predicted that this was on the horizon.”
Maybe larger creators who profited off of the of the marginalized #sexwork community like @bellathorne should show some support and leave onlyfans too 🧐where is that support for sw you were talking about Bella??
“The day Bella Thorne scammed only fans was the day I knew they were gonna start picking until completely removing sexual content,” a Twitter user wrote. “Unfortunately, that should’ve been the day sexual content creators should’ve made the move elsewhere.”
Everybody looking at Bella Thorne now that onlyfans switched up their content 😂
“Okay, but we saw this happening right? They showed their true intentions after they changed the payout structure following Bella Thorne‘s stunt, right? OnlyFans never supported sex workers,” one last user tweeted.
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