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SHEFFIELD — In just her second fight in three months following what had been more than a year and a half out of the ring, Fremont native Alycia Baumgardner is back at top of female boxing having earned the WBC and IBO championship title belts with a dominant TKO victory over former super featherweight champ Terri Harper. 
On Saturday, 27-year-old Baumgardner defeated Harper, a 25-year-old British boxer who had been on a streak of title defenses until Baumgardner delivered a hard-hitting technical knockout punch early into the fourth round of their championship fight at Utilta Arena in Sheffield, England.
After the fight, Baumgardner credited her process, patience and perseverance, all principles she has been preaching for years throughout her boxing career.
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“This is what patience got me and I’m just so thankful for everybody who set it up, my team, all the believers who believed in me to get to this place,” she said. “I’m so thankful.”
A reflection of her faith, Baumgardner first offered thanks and praise to Jesus Christ, as well.
Winning two belts in one night, Baumgardner described it like feeling on “cloud nine,” which she has yet to come down from nearly a week later and continues to enjoy every bit of this enormous moment.
“I’m feeling amazing right now,” she said.
In the lead-up to the fight, Baumgardner foresaw this outcome and, reflecting on it now, stressed the importance of having confidence in the sport of boxing.
“When you step into the ring, you have to believe in you,” she said. “You have to know you are capable of doing what you said you’re going to do. So I held on to that and stepped into that.”
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It was that patience and unyielding confidence that kept driving Baumgardner from training camp through the week leading up to the big night and fight itself.
“With it being in the fourth round, and hurting (Harper) in the second, I knew it was going to be early, so I’m really proud of my performance,” she said.
It also marked Baumgardner’s first fight outside of the United States. And while she said everyone in the United Kingdom was very welcoming, nice and made her feel comfortable being there, it was effectively a home crowd for Harper inside Utilta Arena on Saturday.
That, too, only added fuel to the fire for Baumgardner.
“It was motivation — hearing the ‘boos’ just motivated me. I loved it,” she said. “I took it all in — I’m like, ‘this is my chance, this is my moment, so take advantage.’”
Though Baumgardner, an official Adidas athlete, has also been exploring other work outside of the ring, such as having recently signed with Ford Models, boxing still remains her main passion.
“I’ve been doing this since (I was) a young girl,” she said. “Being a woman outside the ring is my second fun thing to do.”
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With the championship spotlight on her now, she is embracing the opportunity to serve as an even bigger role model to others, as well.
“I always want to motivate whoever I can — young girls, the women in the game,” she said. “Women’s boxing is on the rise, so it’s perfect. It’s the right opportunity.”
But, of course, Baumgardner is not shying away from the competition, either, and has a message for would-be challengers looking to take a shot at her belts.
“For anyone at 130 (super-featherweight), you know what time it is and you know I’m the top dog at 130, so you can come get this work,” she said.
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