20 Kick-Ass Secrets About Charlie's Angels Revealed

40 Years of “Charlie’s Angels”: VidBits
Good morning, Charlie!
More than 20 years ago, Drew BarrymoreCameron Diaz and Lucy Liu teamed up to completely dominate the box office in Charlie’s Angels, the big screen adaptation of the iconic 1970s TV series. Made for $93 million, the action flick, which served as McG’s directorial debut, went on to make a whopping $264 million. (A hit sequel followed in 2003 and Kristen Stewart starred in the 2019 reboot.)
While Charlie’s Angels was ultimately a massive success, due in large part to the chemistry among its three leads, it was anything but heavenly behind the scenes. We’re talking many rewrites, even more writers brought in to try and fix the script, tensions between some of the stars and one actor refusing to say any of his lines. Plus, the leading trio from the original TV series refused multiple offers to make appearances.
Yeah, we’d so be down for a movie about the making of the 2000 version of Charlie’s Angels, too.
Here are 20 behind-the-scenes facts about Charlie’s Angels, including the shocking on-set physical fight that went down…
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1. While filming Never Been Kissed, Drew Barrymore’s best friend and producing partner Nancy Juvonen told her Sony Pictures was looking to reboot Charlie’s Angels, so the pair decided to ask for a meeting. 
“All they really had at that point was a concept, so we told them what we would want to do, how we would want to cast it, how we see the world, handpicked the director,
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